News - Stream Invaders, OverlandersXperience & TRON, back together in 2019

Stream Invaders, OverlandersXperience & TRON, back together in 2019

Stream Invaders, OverlandersXperience & TRON, back together in 2019

2019 will bring 4 new editions of the OverlandersXperience Race and Stream Invaders with TRX will be there.

After successfully covering a very interesting 1st. Edition in 2018, Stream Invaders and OverlandersXperience have come together once again to create a wonderful set of social media videos for the next four (4) editions of the newest and hottest race in town.

Luis Vasallo main organizer of the OverlandersXperience race added: "2019 will be full of surprises for all of those who participate in this event, we will be having three (3) different categories which include standard, modified and motorcycles, so everyone can expect this year's edition to be more challenging the our first one".

Stream Invaders will be present to video record and live stream all the happenings of the rally/event, but this time a competition will be created allowing participants and spectators to interact with the TRON blockchain.

Stream Invaders will be hosting a video competition in which participants can send their best video clips captured during the event and compete in order to win wallets with both TRX and STI tokens.

The idea is to invite participants to engage with TRON and Stream Invaders  in order to understand and learn the possibilities that TRX and blockchain technology is bringing to the world.

Rules for the contest are as follow:


  1. We will accept as many videos as anyone wants to share, each video will be considered as one entry, all videos must be no longer than 60 secs in duration, with or without audio (doesn't have to be edited) and must be recorded in a minimmum of HD (720 x 480) or better resolution.
  2. Videos must follow a general guideline of morality and respect (all entries will be revised before taken into consideration).
  3. Video entries will be accepted for one week after the event, deadline for submission will be March 01.
  4. To submit your videos you must send a “downloadable link” to the email:
  5. The best three best videos will be chosen by Stream Invaders and OverlandersXperience staff base on quality, originality, and relevance. (Stream Invaders and OverlanXperience reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason they deem inappropriate)
  6. Winners will receive one price each consisting on Digital Crypto wallets loaded with Tron (TRX) and STI (Stream token)
  7. Winner videos will be added to the final official OverlandersXperience 2 Edition video (with a tag identifying who made the video) and announced once the video is released.

Prices consisting of 3 loaded Wallets one for each category.

500 Tron (TRX)

1500 Stream (STI) tokens

Stream Invaders will send the wallets access info to the winners once the official video of the competition is released. Participants should get their wallets and proceed to take out their winnings by moving the tokens to their own private wallets.

"We hope that by doing this interactive type of competitions, we will be able to get more people to look in the direction of TRON, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general, Stream Invaders wants to become a media production company that functions within a 100% crypto economy in the future and these are some of the small steps that we want to follow in order to put our part and help in the development and mass adoption of the most fast and secure blockchain network, the TRON blockchain" said: Johannes Valero Founder of Stream Invaders.

Stream Invaders is planning on creating more video competitions like this one and currently planning on launching its new website during 2019 revealing some of the features that this project wants to pursue in the upcoming years with the presentation of the STI official white paper.

for more info please contact Stream Invaders via: or follow us on social media insta: @streaminvaders and twitter: @Stream_invaders or visit:



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Last updated : 2019-02-12

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