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"The photon "light" paper is published here and you will see it is simple, transparent, and above-all not promising to take over the world. It is realistic but the creator is incredibly excited about the potential of the photon. The aim of the "light" paper is to share that excitement with you, the investor (quanta).

"Light" paper

1.1 Introduction

The Photon TRC10 token project was created on 18th November 2018 by a "tronic" for the TRON community to invest in. The photon (abbreviated PTN) is a TRC10 utility token created for use by the community with an aim of use primarily trading in visual arts, not limited to photography, comic-culture and anime and ultimately to be adopted by a large developer or company renowned in this area.

1.2 The Creator

The photon project lead, "creator", is @PhotonPTN. @PhotonPTN is the founder and developer of the photon token, @PhotonPTN and


Twitter: @PhotonPTN

Telegram: @PhotonPTN

Telegram Channel:

1.3 Photon TRC10 Token

The photon is a TRC10 token and was created on the 18th November 2018.

The photon is abbreviated to PTN.

The number of photons created and in circulation is 100,000,000,000.

The photon price, during the participation phase, is 1000PTN = 1TRX

The issuer wallet address during the participation phase is TWKDp2VzjP6nL9m2efVyWotk9fir3WEpeE

1.4 Website

The official website of the photon project is

The website is the sole property of the creator.

2.1 Participation

The participation phase runs from 00:00 hours UTC 19th November 2018 until 23:59 hours UTC 31st March 2019.

To participate, investors (quanta) should only purchase photons through

2.2 Airdrops

Occasional "airdrops" may take place on our Telegram channel as a way of promoting the use of photons in the community.

The creator will, from time to time, tip Telegram users for assisting in the promotion of photons.

2.3 Unofficial trading

It is anticipated that investors (quanta) will unofficially trade photons through various social media channels and the creator welcomes the greater exposure of photons to a wider audience. The larger the community adoption of the Photon the greater prospect for future adoption by an investor, developer or company.

3.1 Incentives

The creator has introduced an incentive scheme that will operate only during the participation phase. This scheme will broaden the appeal of investment in the photon. The scheme will consist of two parts namely the "bonus" and the "laser" photon.

3.2 The "bonus".

The bonus incentive is only open to those investors (quanta) that participate as described in 2.1 above.

Every investor (quanta) will receive 50% more tokens than they purchase e.g. an investor (quanta) buys 10,000 PTN at a cost of 10 TRX. Initially 10,000 PTN will be deposited to their chosen wallet with a further bonus of 5000 PTN deposited within an expected 72-hours.

The bonus can be utilised more than once i.e. for multiple purchases.

3.3 The "laser" photon.

The laser photon incentive is only open to those investors (quanta) that participate as described in 2.1 above.

The creator has assigned a number to each photon e.g. the first photon to leave the issuer wallet is assigned number 1 and the last photon in the issuer wallet is 100,000,000,000.

An undisclosed number of photons have been assigned laser photon status i.e. photon number 5,000,000 is a laser photon. Details of all other laser photons are secured offline to ensure privacy.

An investor (quanta) who purchases a laser photon will, in addition to the bonus mentioned in 3.2 above, receive 1,000,000 additional photons deposited to their chosen wallet within an expected 72-hours.

4.1 After the participation phase.

The participation phase ends as described in 2.1 above.

It is expected that the photon will be a well-known token following the participation phase, indeed a desirable asset. The creator will be proud.

4.2 Burn.

The creator will burn 50% of the remaining tokens in the issuer wallet.

4.3 Trading on a DEX.

The creator will apply to one, or more, DEX (decentralised exchange) so that photons can be traded officially.

The creator will only create a PTN/TRX trading pair thereby protecting the investors (quanta) from "scam" tokens.

4.4 Sun.

The creator will actively seek adoption of the photon by a large investor, developer or company from here on to be known as the Sun. It is hoped that the use of such whimsical terms should not detract from the ambition of the photon project.

In-keeping with TRON's focus on the entertainment industry, it is envisaged that Photons will mainly be used in the trade of visual arts, not limited to photography, comic-culture, anime or other forms of artistic expression.

The Sun will ensure a bright future for the photon and in turn provide each quanta with light in their life, thereby fulfilling the aim of the photon project.

In addition to this we aim to develop an online publication - graphic novel - where Photons are used as a currency to steer the development of the publication.

A quanta is YOU the investor. If you haven't got that already then I urge you to re-read this "Light" paper."


Our website is at:

Our whitepaper (or "lightpaper" as we call it) can be found at

Our Twitter account is:

Our Telegram group is at: @photonPTNGroup

Our Github is at:


Price : 0.001 TRX

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