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TRC10 - [ID:1000584]
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ICO Price : 50.00 TRX
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On Tronscan you can participate in the lottery by buying BTCL token. Once you have purchased one or more BTCL token, your Tron Wallet address will appear in the spreadsheet for the weekly and monthly lottery draw. Via a Random Number Generator we draw a number that corresponds to the spreadsheet. We also place all these token holders in a spreadsheet for the monthly draw.

For this, the more often you participate in the weekly lottery, the more chance you will make in the weekly and monthly lottery. These addresses will be placed in order of which they purchased their token.

The lottery takes place weekly with 30 TRX per sold BTCL token. The weekly lottery draw takes place on every Monday. All token holders who bought the BTCL token in the previous week till the next lottery draw take part in the weekly lottery to win the TRX. The monthly lottery draw takes place on the last Monday of the current month for all token holders during the previous month. 10TRX goes into the monthly lottery for every BTCL token sold. You can win TRX coins.

As an example:

If you have purchased 2 BTCL tokens in the weekly lottery, you will take part in the weekly lottery with 2 times your Tron Wallet address. Did you buy 8 BTCL tokens in that month, then you take part in the monthly lottery with 8 times your Tron Wallet address. The monthly draw takes place on the last Monday of the current month. You win TRX coins.

Yet another example:

If there were 200 tokens sold in the previous week, the winner would get 6000 TRX and 2000 TRX would go to the monthly prize.

How do we announce the winners ?

We make a recording of every draw, so you can see that the draw is done completely honestly. This is stored on this website under “Lottery”. This allows you to see everything for transparency. With each video a spreadsheet is placed so that you can see it completely transparent. The prize will be sent directly to the TRX address of the winner.

What do we do with the Tron Wallet addresses after the lottery draw ?

After the weekly lottery, we remove all Tron Wallet addresses from the spreadsheet of the weekly draw. The Tron Wallet addresses are still retained in order of purchase for the monthly lottery.

After the monthly lottery, all addresses are removed from the spreadsheet of the monthly draw.

As I said, every week and month draw is recorded. With every video there is also a spreadsheet with it. Because we care about transparency.

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Price : 50.00 TRX
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