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Book(WRT) is the first token on the TRON Network, to help and support authors and writers of all genres on a decentralized Platform.

TRON Platform ICO: TRX10 Book(WRT)

Dummy Book Network/TestNet: Test Book(WRT)

MainNet: TRX20 Book(WRT)

Future: Bookcoin

Why Book Token?

1. The Book Network is for authors and writers to receive 100% payment for their books on Blockchain. The Traditional Book Publishing Industry charges ridiculous high fees to publish their manuscript(s). Also, by their judgment can set a fair price for customers to sell more books.For example, they can set the price for their novel for $0.99 or $2.99 in Book(WRT)

2. The Book Network will have a rewards program for customers. Each time they purchase a book on the Book Network will receive a fraction of Bookcoin to redeem in their next purchase(s). A points system will be added on the Network later for each purchase 100 points will be added to customers accounts(0.001 Bookcoin)

3. The Book Network is in the development process of creating a smart contract DApp on TRON Virtual Machine. This will be for authors, writers and customers. Authors and writers who upload their manuscripts on the Book Network can check their status and withdraw Book(WRT).Customers can read the books they purchased from their device(s). Similar to Google Books but on a decentralized platform with added features.

4. The Book Network will support writers of articles on Cryptocurrency, that are legitimate and trustworthy and will be awarded with Book(WRT). But they need post their article(s) first on the Book Network to verify it in the system.This is called the “System of Authenticity”.We’re doing this to reduce ICO scams and give a peace of mind to investors.

5. The Book Network will support charities by giving 14.90% offunds such as “St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital” “World Vision” “Voice of Martyrs” and churches for their pastoral congregational needs. We want to give back to the people what God is letting us borrow. This is a gift for the charities for awareness!

6. The Book Network will be secured on its own native Blockchain, PHP Framework, Java, JavaScript,CSS, SSL and DDoS Protected. No personal information will be stored only Book coin wallet addresses. We want everyone using the Book Network to feel right at home like they say in Spanish “mi casa es su casa” comfortable.

7. The Book Network will have a Treasury for new writers and authors to help them publish their books. This feature will be added in the future.As time passes, the Treasury will become enormous because for every purchase a small amount of Book coin is added- a fraction of Book coin.Think of it as a bank savings but no monthly and annual fees!

8. The Book Network will have a rewards system for schools, reading groups, libraries, colleges and universities it all depends how many students read books. For every book read by a student will receive Book(WRT)as a reward.Our goal is to reach the next generation and kids love being rewarded for their effort, hard work and determination. Think of it as an allowance from parents except its their teacher scanning their iPhone and sending Book(WRT)quickly.

9. The Book Network Blockchain will feature Proof of Work consensus mechanism for mining Book coin on SHA-256 algorithm. In 2019, there will be 1:1 swap of TRX20 Book(WRT) for the MainNet Book coin. This will be only for participates of the Book(WRT) ICO in, Twitter @GoSeedit and Air/Rain Drops on Telegram.

10. The Dummy Book Network will be for participants and will be given Test Book Tokens. Testing will have limited features and people will use the tokens to purchase decoy books listed. This will only be for testing purposes the Book Tokens have no value or anyone will receive the books purchased on the Dummy Network. Test Book Tokens will be issued in the Telegram group @BookWRT the announcement will be soon.


Twitter : @TheOfficialBoo2

Facebook : Book Token

Telegram : @BookWRT




Price : 0.1 TRX

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